Posted by: psilva | May 27, 2009

Layer 7 DoS & Brute Force Protection Story

You’ve seen the massive BIG-IP v10 page here on DevCentral covering most of the Core coolness that arrived with BIG-IP Version 10.  Not be left out, BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM) (voted Best Web Application Security solution by security professionals: 2009 SC Magazine Reader Trust Award) also included some powerful protection features in v10.  As more attacks are targeting Layer 7 and with browsers being used to initiate some of those,  ASM v10 now includes Intelligent Layer 7 DoS (Denial of Service) and Brute Force Protection for Web Applications.  But rather than ramble on here about it, I’d like to point your attention to the newest Audio Whitepaper about the features.  We’ve gotten great response from the Audio Whitepapers (look for Audio image icon on or just go to DevCentral’s Media Tab) and Layer 7 Dos & Brute Force Protection is the latest for your listening pleasure.



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