Posted by: psilva | June 18, 2010

Audio White Paper – Manageable Application Security

Information security personnel suffer from information overload on a nearly daily basis, but need to sift through myriad articles, reports, blogs, logs, and scans to do their jobs. Information is vital to successful web application security strategies, whether it be information about a new attack, a new twist on an existing attack, or identifying weak points in web applications. Investments in security solutions have to provide a clear value, which equals additional time spent collecting and documenting proof of this value. The latest version of F5 BIG-IP Application Security Manager(tm) (ASM), v10.1, addresses information overload and the need for agility in implementation. Read full whitepaper here.  And click here for more F5 Audio.


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  1. Peter,

    Thanks for the audio version of this whitepaper.

    You might want to give some thought to using something like Camtasia to present a whitepaper like this, so you can include some show and tell, and then post it up on Youtube. I think this would be very effective in getting people excited about your products.

  2. Thanks for the visit and listen. Glad it was beneficial and that’s a good idea about Camtasia. I use Camtasia for the audio recordings and my videos but like the notion of including some graphics or video to go along with the whitepaper. You can check out our youtube channel at:

    Find some In 5 Minutes or Less videos and you’ll see my work.


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