Posted by: psilva | July 12, 2011

Protection from Latest Network and Application Attacks

We offer a lot of webinars at F5 and this is one I recently presented to some partners. As I’ve mentioned, security attacks are moving “up the stack."  90% of security investments are focused on network security, however, 75% of the attacks are focused at the application layer.  Plus the average loss of revenue per hour for a layer 7 DDoS attack is approximately $220,000.  Modern DoS attacks are distributed, diverse and cross the chasm that divides network components from application infrastructure. A unified application delivery platform with multi-layer visibility is the best way to detect and mitigate multi-layer attacks.  This webinar covers how to prevent sophisticated web attacks utilizing your BIG-IP system and the BIG-IP Application Security Manager.  Running time: 53:52

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Examples of current attacks and the effects on those companies
  • The human element
  • How to protect from latest web threats
  • How to quickly resolve vulnerabilities
  • PCI compliance



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