Posted by: psilva | August 15, 2011

Audio White Paper – Application Security in the Cloud with BIG-IP ASM

Application threats are constantly evolving. Recent high-profile Internet attacks on organizations like HBGary, RSA, WikiLeaks, Google, Comodo, and others prove that no one is immune. Anyone could be a target, and perpetrators are extremely organized, skilled, and well-funded. Culprits are often better trained than the IT staff deployed to thwart the attacks, which are targeted, elaborate, and aggressive—not to mention creative. The attacks are multi-layered and constant, and seek not only to deface a website, but to steal valuable data. Customer data, intellectual property, state secrets, SSL certificates, and other proprietary, highly sensitive information are the top targets.  Whether critical applications live in the cloud, in the data center, or in both, organizations need a strategic point of control for application security. F5 BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM) provides the security, intelligence, and performance that today’s dynamic infrastructure demands.  Running Time: 20:26  Read full white paper here.  And click here for more F5 Audio.


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